Customizing the automatic notification (actions emails) sent from the app


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You can create your own email template for sending your desired information to the customers by editing the emails in the appearance tab separately for pickups and deliveries.

In this below example, we will edit the pickup email as per my convenience.

Step 1: Go to the Email Appearance tab.

Step 2: Please select the pickup template and choose the custom option to enter the desired text.

Step 3: Enter the email subject

Step 4: Enter the body

Note: To include the various information in the email, use the corresponding variables as shown below.

  • Customer Name: @customername
  • Order Number: @ordernumber
  • Order Delivery/Pickup date: @orderduedate
  • Order Pickup time: @orderduetime
  • Store name: @storename
  • Location: @location
  • Order metafields: @ordermetafields.{namespace}.{key}

BODY For example:

Hi @customername,

This is Regarding the @ordernumber.

Your order can be picked up at @orderduedate, @orderduetime.




Step 5: Please save it on the top as shown below

The email will be delivered as shown below once you mark the order as ready from the order’s dashboard of shopify.

Good luck!

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